Social Research - The Use and Value of the Blue Badge Scheme


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5. This number was smaller than anticipated so we maximised the response rate from this population, as opposed to drawing a sample of potential respondents.

6. Percentages in tables have been rounded to the nearest whole number. Columns may not add up to 100% because of rounding or where multiple responses to a question are possible.

7. Before BBIS was introduced, the systems for receiving a Blue Badge often pointed people to their GP to get a prior supporting letter.

8. The total number of respondents to each question is shown either as 'unweighted base' or 'n=xxx'. Where the base or 'n' is less than the total number of respondents, this is because respondents may be routed past some questions if they were not applicable.

9. There are no reciprocal Blue Badge arrangements with countries outside Europe.

10. Scottish Government, Blue Badge Reform: Consultation Analysis Report, 2010


12. Disabled Persons Parking Places (Scotland) Act, 2009