Social Research Transport Research Summary 2011 - Cycle Training in Primary Schools Research

Cycle Training Programmes

At the time of this research, cycle training for primary six and seven pupils was delivered through the Scottish Cycle Training Scheme, which involved both classroom based and practical training. The practical training was normally delivered through parents, school staff and others who volunteer as trainers, with support and training from Road Safety Officers or Active Schools Co-ordinators2.

Six of the case study schools offered this practical training in an on-road environment, two offered off-road training (in the playground), and three did not offer any cycle training at all.

All of the schools were keen to have a cycle training programme, with the exception of one which felt that it would be a challenge to find time in the curriculum.

All of the schools offering cycle training did so with primary six and/or primary seven children. Generally, participants felt this was an appropriate stage to deliver on-road cycle training.