Social Research Transport Research Summary 2011 - Cycle Training in Primary Schools Research

Attitudes to On-Road Training

There was common agreement across teachers, support staff and parents that on-road training was superior to playground based training – offering a more realistic experience and faster and more effective learning. Road Safety Officers also felt that on-road training was more effective.

All of the case study schools, whether offering
on-road training or not, could see the potential benefits of on-road training. Schools which had recently made the change to offering on-road cycle training all felt that on-road training was 'far superior' to the playground based approach.

Parents were generally positive about on-road cycle training, feeling that children enjoyed the training and learned more effectively in an on-road environment.

There were some concerns about on-road training. The key concern was from teachers and support staff at the schools, who had worries about how to ensure pupil safety. Volunteers were very positive about on-road training and the benefits it had for children, but had some concerns about the level of responsibility they were taking on.