Statistical Bulletin Transport Series - Transport and Travel in Scotland 2011

Table 11: [Car Share] Car sharing journeys to work*, 2007 - 2011

(a) Whether involved in any car sharing arrangement
column percentages
Yes 15
No 85
Sample size (=100%) 18,041

(b) How car sharing is organised
column percentages
Informally between ourselves 88
Through employer 11
Other 1
Sample Size (=100%) 2,506

(c) Reasons why not involved in a car share arrangement
column percentages
Nobody in work lives near me 54
Don't work regular hours 27
Journey to work is not regular/work in different places 8
Wouldn't like to share with a stranger 7
Prefer to drive on my own 5
Prefer to drive than be a passenger 2
Make journey longer 1
Only work a few days a week 1
Other people would be unreliable/late 1
Other 1
Sample Size (=100%) 15,535

(d) What would encourage people to get involved in a car share arrangement
column percentages
Sharing with a friend or neighbour 24
If employer set up a scheme 3
Rising cost of petrol 3
Congestion charge 0
Dedicated parking space 0
Guaranteed ride home in an emergency 1
Other 1
Nothing 65
Sample Size (=100%) 15,535

*Only asked of those travelling to work by car/van (as driver or passenger)