Intervention description

A.301 This intervention supports the objectives to reduce conflict between strategic and local traffic in Dundee, and to improve the connectivity of Aberdeen to the Central Belt.

A.302 Improvement to the A90 at Dundee could take the form of:

  • A new Northern Peripheral Bypass road around Dundee from the A90 west of Invergowrie to the A90 north of Dundee; or
  • Upgrading of roundabouts and associated junctions on the A90 Kingsway.

A.303 Both options could incorporate a package of associated bus priority, cycle lanes and pedestrian measures on or across the Kingsway.

Contribution towards the Scottish Government’s Purpose

A.304 A new outer bypass would contribute significantly to the objective of reducing journey times between the Central Belt and Aberdeen, with an approximate reduction of 10-15 minutes, and by reducing the conflict between long distance and local traffic through removing up to 50 per cent of traffic from the Kingsway. This would have consequential environmental benefits for those living and working adjacent to the A90, and would enable the Kingsway to perform a role as a local distributor road with potential for the introduction of bus priority measures.

A.305 The outer bypass would have a potentially moderate benefit to Air Quality in Dundee’s Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) by moving 50 per cent of the traffic away from the A90. Alternatively, grade separation of all or some of the at-grade roundabouts on the A90 Kingsway would also contribute significantly to the two objectives above, albeit to a lesser extent.

A.306 Although this option would avoid any environmental impact north of the city, provision of grade separated junctions in an urban area would have adverse impacts on the communities adjacent to the A90. The bypass route is expected to provide more value for money than the on-line upgrade.

STPR Objectives

Links to other strategies

A.307 The intervention was highlighted by the Tactrans Regional Transport Partnership.


Current status of project

A.308 The intervention has been highlighted in the Regional Transport Strategy, but there is no formal commitment to the intervention at present. Local and strategic roads users would view the bypass positively, although local residents close to the proposed route may have reservations due to increased emissions and noise pollution. The environmental impact associated with the outer bypass is likely to prompt public criticism.

Possible costs

A.309 The total cost for this intervention is estimated to be in the range of £100m-£250m.


A.310 The deliverability of the intervention is considered technically and operationally feasible. The outer bypass would impact negatively on the environment to the north of Dundee, which would require careful consideration at the design development stage. Although the option of upgrading the existing route would avoid this particular environmental impact north of the city, provision of grade separated junctions in an urban area could have adverse impacts on the communities adjacent to the A90. There are no significant operational issues are anticipated from this intervention.