Tar Bound Arisings Stage 3 - Task 2


In June 2019, SRRB commissioned Jacobs UK Limited (Jacobs) to undertake the third stage (Stage 3) of the research project to determine whether an alternative method could be identified to support the characterisation of tar bound arisings (also known as Asphalt Waste Containing Coal Tar or AWCCT). This followed on from Stage 2 of the SRRB project which was published in January 2018 and recommended that further research was needed to create a more cost-effective testing method, capable of quantifying coal tar concentrations accurately, quickly and definitively.

Stage 3 has comprised two tasks to date. Task 1 was carried out in two steps: Task 1A, a review of the current guidance and approach and Task 1B, the review of the currently available screening/testing methods. Both were completed in February 2020 and a summary presentation was provided to the SRRB board and Institute of Asphalt Technology. 

Following the completion of Task 1A and 1B, Jacobs recommended that Task 2 should be divided into three sub-tasks to be completed as detailed in Table 1.  Task 2 was instructed by the SRRB to progress in May 2020.

Table 1 – Summary of Task 2 Descriptions and Proposed Deliverables.
Sub Tasks Description Proposed Deliverable
Task 2A Review of UK Street Works (UKSW) Study Short Summary report of the review of the UKSW Study
Task 2B Regulatory discussions Brief summary of discussions with SEPA.
Task 2C Review of Road Core Analysis from Commercial Laboratories and UVF Site based tool Collated laboratory analysis and commentary on cross correlation between results including outcome of discussions with laboratories and suppliers. Recommendations for any further research/ assessments.

The rate of progress of the above Task 2 items has been impacted by disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the programme extended beyond the initial planned 4-month period.  Nevertheless, works have progressed and summary of the outputs from these works is provided below.


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