Transport Scotland - Annual Business Plan 2014-15

Key Deliverables


We deliver transport policy, projects and services under our five Delivery Priorities set out above. The majority of our activities deliver on more than Priority, but for simplicity and to avoid duplication we have listed them under the most relevant one.

The following tables (attached) in this Business Plan list our main outcomes and activities under the relevant Delivery Priority and then sets out the specific tasks we will undertake during 2014-15 and the targets we intend to meet. In some cases tasks will be ongoing over a number of years but, wherever possible, we have sought to indicate what aspects will be achieved during the year. During 2014 in particular Transport Scotland will be playing a key part in the major events being held in Scotland including the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles, and many other events throughout the year. The final part of the table sets out what we intend to do as we seek continuously to improve as an organisation. We will publish details of our progress in achieving this Business Plan in our Annual Report and Accounts.

Each Directorate in Transport Scotland also prepares a more detailed Directorate Business Plan for their area which breaks down further the tasks allocated to them in this Business Plan and will be used as a day-to-day working tool. These in turn, will enable every member of staff within Transport Scotland to ensure that their own individual business objectives are fully aligned to the tasks and outcomes of their Directorate and Transport Scotland as a whole. In this way, every member of staff in Transport Scotland will be playing a direct part in helping to achieve the Government's Purpose of increasing sustainable economic growth.