Transport Scotland - Annual Business Plan 2014-15


Business Improvement Imperatives

We have determined our priority areas by drawing on our organisational results from the 2013 People Survey, the SG wide People Strategy and seeking a flexible approach to resourcing, planning and prioritising our work. We continue to drive forward improvements in the priority areas detailed below, building a more flexible and empowered workforce with transparent systems underpinning our business.

Priority Area

Planned outcomes & Timescale



Performance Management

Leadership behaviours at all levels accord with our values

Strengthened Performance and Attendance Management

Open & transparent decision making

Reduced reputational risk through improved leadership behaviours at all levels

Review: October 2014

Chief Executive/ Director team development

Continue quarterly 'All Staff' forum

Directorate staff networking events

Deliver wider FoI staff awareness

Use of internal skills/knowledge where possible, keeping costs to a minimum

Performance against indicators in the People Survey 2014

Appraisal discussions

Monthly conversations

Return to work discussions

Evaluation of work to date, involving staff, stakeholders

We have a flexible and responsive structure, are able to move staffing resources quickly to provide opportunities for staff to gain wider experience. We have excellent systems for strategic workforce planning

Increased skills development opportunities

Increase levels of staff engagement

Improved organisational efficiency (processes, response times, quality output)

Review: November 2014

Awareness raising of wider TS business across the Agency

'Best practice' Directorate development sessions (Knowledge Sharing)

Staff shadowing opportunities

Use of flexible resourcing practices

Provide enhanced Management Information Reporting

Volunteer Opportunities

Internal staff resources required - no cost implications other than some development time.

Use of internal skills/knowledge where possible, keeping costs to a minimum

Performance against indicators in People Survey 2014

Evaluation and feedback of 'Best Practice' sessions

Monthly reporting of resource plan to Directors

Regular Board reporting / discussions on resourcing

Measure success of 2014 volunteering performance

We have high levels of staff engagement, and excellent systems to develop the talents of all our staff. We recognise the importance of wellbeing and seek to enable staff to lead full and balanced lives at work and at home

Clearly defined career development opportunities with improved performance

Increased innovation

Wider options for staff development

Decreased levels of staff absence

Clear resourcing/ recruitment needs

Review: December 2014

Deliver programme of Line Manager development

Offer/promote more flexible ways of learning across TS

Develop and deliver on annual TS employee engagement Action Plan

Use of internal skills/knowledge where possible, keeping costs to a minimum

Possible external involvement / cost in delivering Line Manager development programme

Performance against indicators in People Survey 2014

Increase in staff development time/completed PLPs

Evaluation of additional development activities

Quarterly review of sickness absence levels

Regular Board reporting / discussions on staff wellbeing