Wealthier and fairer Scotland

Making journey times faster and more reliable and improving connections to help build and sustain economic growth; providing travel opportunities for employment, business, leisure and tourism and linking towns, cities and rural communities throughout Scotland.

Smarter Scotland

Promoting innovation and encouraging implementation of new transport technologies, such as alternative fuels, to allow us to meet greener challenges and contribute to Scotland’s economic growth.

Healthier Scotland

Encouraging a shift from car to public transport and to healthier and physically active forms of transport and improving transport access (public and private) to health and community services.

Safer and stronger Scotland

Improving the quality, accessibility and affordability of public transport to provide access to essential services and economic opportunities, including support for communities in less accessible or remote parts of Scotland. Reducing accidents by improving the condition of our roads, investing in new technologies to increase safety and security, promoting road safety and driver education.

Greener Scotland

Reducing transport emissions to tackle the issues of climate change and air quality by promoting public transport and encouraging individuals to shift from the private car to more sustainable, healthy and active forms of transport. Encouraging the adoption of new low carbon technologies and promoting cleaner vehicles.