Transport Scotland Annual Report and Accounts 2010/11



The 2010-11 year has seen the Agency continuing to deliver transport investment and projects, and provide Scottish Ministers with advice and support across a wide range of policies and issues. Our focus remains contributing to the Scottish Government's Purpose of increasing sustainable economic growth, ensuring that Transport Scotland delivers the Scottish Government's vision of sustainable transport making a difference for people, businesses and communities who rely on our transport systems throughout Scotland.

During the year we spent £1.8 billion in investment and support across a wide range of transport services. In challenging economic times, it remains important that we support Ministers in delivering the priority projects and target support to meet the outcomes sought, and do so efficiently and effectively. Our Annual Report sets out the progress we have made against our key delivery priorities from our Corporate Plan, and in meeting the specific targets and outputs in our annual Business Plan for the year, and highlights key achievements.

This Report also includes for the first time information taking account of the merger of Transport Scotland with the Transport Directorate which took effect from 1 August 2010. This brought together all of the Scottish Government's transport responsibilities into a single body, and we believe this approach makes for greater synergy in our work, and allows us to bring together the advice, support and transport funds for Ministers in a coherent structure, and assists our many stakeholders across the country.

Finally, I should pay tribute to the work of our staff across a wide range of policy project and support activity, in particular in dealing with the exceptional weather events of the 2010-11 winter. This involved working in a multi agency approach with our transport providers and colleagues within Scottish Government, the emergency services and the local authority sector during what were challenging and quite exceptional events. This was a major effort and I acknowledge the work and support received.

David Middleton

David Middleton
Chief Executive
Transport Scotland