Transport Scotland Annual Report and Accounts 2010/11



Transport Scotland was created in 2006 as an Agency of the Scottish Government, accountable to Parliament and the public through the Scottish Ministers.

On 1st August 2010 Transport Scotland and the Scottish Government's Transport Directorate were brought together into a single transport unit covering all of the Scottish Government's transport responsibilities. These include overseeing the operation and improvement of the trunk road, ferry, inland waterway and railway networks in Scotland; the air passenger facilities and routes in the Highlands and Islands; the national concessionary travel schemes and for the provision of travel information services. We also support Ministers in prioritising future transport policy and investments and promoting sustainable transport and road safety.

Strategy and Planning

Our strategic focus is to help the Scottish Government achieve its Purpose of creating a more successful country, with opportunities for all of Scotland to flourish, through increasing sustainable economic growth. Our delivery priorities - improved connections across Scotland; better journey times, better reliability; greener transport alternatives, reduced emissions; and increased safety, more innovation - are all aligned to this end. Taken together, they provide a clear focus to enable us to develop and deliver efficient, effective and sustainable transport infrastructure and services for Scotland.

Our detailed delivery outcomes are set out in our Corporate Plan and annual Business Plans. Delivery against our targets for 2010/11 are summarised on pages 9 - 11.


The Chief Executive is the Accountable Officer for the Agency. This role is supported by a Board comprising the Chief Executive and six Executive Directors as shown below. The terms of office of two non executive Directors, Iain Docherty and Jacqueline Redmond, were completed at the end of December 2010. Following discussions with Ministers it was agreed that the Board should continue as an internal Board without non executive membership. However, the Accountable Officer is also supported by an Audit and Risk Committee chaired by a non executive member Alex Smith, and including two further external members Dorothy Fenwick and Eileen Marshall.

Current Directors

David Middleton Chief Executive
Roy Brannen Trunk Road and Bus Operations
Donald Carmichael Transport Policy
Frances Duffy Rail
Sharon Fairweather Finance and Analytical Services
Ainslie McLaughlin Major Transport Infrastructure Projects
Alastair Wilson Aviation, Maritime, Freight and Canals

Richard Scott served as Director of Business Improvement and Corporate Services throughout the period of the report until retiring from the Agency on 30 June 2011. Jim Barton served as Director of Trunk Road and Bus Operations until retiring from the Agency on 31 March 2011. He was succeeded by Roy Brannen. Bill Reeve served as Director of Rail Delivery and Frances Duffy as Director of Strategy and Investment until 1 December 2010 when a revised structure for a single Rail Directorate led by Frances Duffy was established. Within the new rail structure a Commercial Unit was established, led by Bill Reeve, to take forward the tendering of the ScotRail Franchise.