23. Losses and Special Payments

number of cases 2011-12 2010-11
£'000 £'000
Total cash losses 25 139 2,355
Details of cases over £250,000 0 0 0
Including - claims abandoned 25 139 2,355
- active claims 0 0 0


The costs of damage to the Trunk Road Network due to road accidents are charged to Transport Scotland as part of the road maintenance programme. These costs are recovered from the party responsible through their insurance company wherever possible, except where they have been fatally injured. The costs are held in a debtor account until the recovery is successful. Transport Scotland reviewed the costs held in the debtor account to identify those that are due to be or in the process of being recovered. The costs that are no longer being pursued because they are not assessed as likely to be recoverable amounted to £139k in respect of 25 cases and these have now been written off.