Our Corporate Plan 2008-2011, published last year, sets out Transport Scotland’s delivery priorities for the three-year period. These are firmly focused on helping to achieve the Government’s Purpose of increasing sustainable economic growth. The chart on the previous page shows how our priorities are aligned with the Government’s strategic objectives and national outcomes.

Our Corporate Plan also sets out in some detail the outcomes we intend to achieve over the Plan period and beyond and the impact these will have across Scotland. This Business Plan sets out the specific tasks we will be undertaking in 2009/10 in our drive to achieve these outcomes.

In the current difficult economic times, an efficient transport system is essential for enhancing productivity and delivering sustainable growth. Transport Scotland is delivering, on behalf of the Scottish Government, the largest transport investment programme Scotland has ever seen. This programme will support tens of thousands of jobs, almost all of which will be in the private sector. In particular, our continuing investment is helping the hard-pressed construction sector, creating hundreds of new jobs now.

At the same time, we need to continue to take forward our major longer-term projects such as the new Forth Replacement Crossing, the M80 and M74 completion and the Edinburgh-Glasgow and other rail improvement projects. We are also continuing to take forward our green agenda, through electrification of the rail network, greater use of renewable materials in road construction, and encouraging the switch from private cars to public transport, all of which are all crucial in helping to meet the Government’s Purpose Target of reducing emissions by 80 per cent by 2050.

Taken together, our ongoing programme of work is making a significant contribution to a number of the Government’s Purpose Targets including Economic Growth, Cohesion and Sustainability.

By the end of the year I look forward to delivering:

  • A contract to design and build the Replacement Forth Crossing
  • Significant progress in the completion of the M74 and the Glasgow Airport Rail Link
  • Improved collaboration with Scottish Government colleagues to streamline the planning system
  • The commencement of work on the A96 Fochabers and Mosstodloch Bypass, the new railway to the Borders and the improvements on the A75 at Cairntop to Barlae
  • A new hourly fast service between Edinburgh and Glasgow via Shotts
  • Continued excellence in sustainable construction and maintenance
  • Safety enhancements to the A9 and A77
  • Enhancements to our partnership working and internal business processes as we strive for excellence in all that we do.

These highlights, and the detail that follows, show that this will be another challenging year for Transport Scotland as we continue to deliver an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable transport system that meets the needs of all the people of Scotland.

David Middleton
Chief Executive