Transport - What we will achieve

Transport - What we will achieve

Class 380 train at Paisley Gilmour Street Station
Class 380 train at Paisley Gilmour Street Station © Crown copyright

Delivery Priorities

In order to deliver an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable transport system in Scotland which will help deliver the Government's Purpose of increasing sustainable economic growth, Transport Scotland has a set of delivery priorities over the Corporate Plan period:

  • Improved connections across Scotland and internationally
  • Better journey times, better reliability, quality and accessibility
  • Low carbon technology & infrastructure, reduced emissions
  • Increased safety, more innovation
  • Continuously improving performance and organisation

Delivery Commitments Table

The following table highlights a range of policies and project commitments which will be pursued under these delivery priorities across the three- year Corporate Plan period.

No. Corporate Plan Delivery Commitments 2012-15
Improved connections across Scotland and internationally
1 Continue and monitor construction of the Forth Replacement Crossing as programmed
2 Work with colleagues in Scottish Government and with Planning Authorities to deliver our Development Planning responsibilities
3 Develop a future transport infrastructure programme in line with recommendations of the Strategic Transport Projects Review
4 Work alongside the City of Edinburgh Council to deliver the Edinburgh Trams project
5 Continue to progress the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR) and the A90 Balmedie to Tipperty projects and design work to improve Haudagain roundabout
6 Complete construction of the Borders Railway
7 Drive forward objectives for cross-border High Speed Rail
8 Enhance rail and road connections in the Highlands including key connections to Inverness and planning for the dualling of the A9 between Perth and Inverness by 2025, and the A96 by 2030
9 Continue to develop and improve railway stations
10 Contribute to the development of the modernisation programme for the Glasgow Subway
11 Work with aviation and maritime sectors to maximise connections and contribution to the Scottish economy
12 Progress the M8 Baillieston to Newhouse, M8 Associated Networks Improvements and M74 Raith Interchange
13 Continue to deliver ferry services to the Northern Isles and Clyde and Hebrides including roll out of RET in line with published plans
14 Work with ports industry and stakeholders to maximise opportunities arising from manufacturing, deployment and operations and maintenance of offshore renewable devices
15 Progress with the A737 Dalry bypass project and develop the design for Maybole Bypass
16 Take forward the procurement and construction of the A75 Dunragit Bypass scheme
Better journey times, better reliability, quality and accessibility
17 Continue to maintain, operate and improve the trunk road network to a high standard, to maximise value for money, to provide a high quality service to the travelling public, keeping disruption to a minimum
18 Procure and deliver contracts to manage and maintain the trunk road network in the West (2012) and East (2014) of Scotland
19 Continue to progress improvements to the A82 including Crianlarich Bypass and Pulpit Rock, and the design work to upgrade the A82 Loch Lomond. Continue to progress improvement on the A96 Inveramsay Bridge
20 Work with the rail industry to undertake reviews of timetables to reduce journey times and improve train service frequencies
21 Work with Network Rail to deliver the Edinburgh-Glasgow Improvements Programme
22 Extend and enhance the systems underpinning Traffic Scotland and Traveline Scotland to improve the delivery of travel information and trunk road traffic control
23 Work with transport operators, regional transport partnerships and Local Authorities to deliver Smart ticketing across Scotland
Low carbon technology & infrastructure, reduced emissions
24 Provide more sustainable public transport alternatives to the private car and continue to manage the Concessionary Travel Schemes efficiently and effectively
25 Contribute to the development of Glasgow Fastlink core bus scheme in advance of the Commonwealth Games
26 Work with rail industry to develop electrification programme
27 Improve rail journey times between our main cities
28 Work with the freight industry to ensure that the movement of freight through the entire supply chain is efficient and sustainable, on an integrated and flexible transport infrastructure
29 Demonstrate environmental sustainability through the delivery of environmental protection, community benefit and climate change mitigation/adaptation across our operations, projects and maintenance activities
Increased safety, more innovation
30 Work jointly with partners to achieve Scotland's casualty reduction milestones for 2015, and to take forward the action plan set out in Scotland's Road Safety Framework to 2020
31 Develop and introduce innovative ways of improving the transport networks, for example overtaking lanes and flyover junctions
32 Provide a range of safety enhancements on the A9 and on the A75 and A77 routes serving the key ferry terminals to Ireland
33 Work with bus operators to deliver quality and innovation
Continuously improving performance and organisation
34 Work closely with partners including all Scottish Local Authorities and Regional Transport Partnerships to deliver integrated transport solutions which support the SG Purpose and local and national outcomes
35 Work with UK Government and wider rail industry bodies to ensure efficient and affordable outcomes for Scotland for both devolved and reserved issues, including accessibility, European and safety policy
36 Work with key stakeholders on the National Roads Maintenance Review focussing on delivering efficiencies in managing the Scottish road asset
37 Manage delivery of the National Transport Strategy
38 Manage and monitor the delivery of transport services through appropriate contractual mechanism
39 Specify and deliver ScotRail franchise agreement for passenger services from 2014 onwards
40 Work with Scottish Canals so that it can maximise its cross-cutting contribution to the SG Purpose and national outcomes
41 Work with Office of Rail Regulation and industry to develop proposals on delivering a sustainable, integrated railway in Scotland
42 Improve resilience across the transport networks
43 Improve business processes
44 Ensure that equalities and cultural issues underpin all of Transport Scotland's activities
45 Ensure effective implementation of the reforms to the Blue badge scheme, including associated legislation and support materials including a new on-line application form, revise leaflets and Code of Practice for Local Authorities
46 Continue to support Mobility and Access Committee Scotland (MACS) and Passengers' View Scotland in promoting increased accessibility and providing advice to Ministers from the passenger perspective
47 Develop and deliver a programme of transport statistics collection, analysis and publication, and for Transport Social and Economic Research
48 Deliver an evidence base to inform the development of effective Scottish transport policy including a Transport Social and Economic Research Programme
49 Deliver efficient operation in line with Efficient Government and the SG Workforce 2015 programme and People Strategy
50 Facilitate robust investment planning and decision-making processes


Illustration of Fastlink
Illustration of Fastlink © SPT

Promoting cycling (Courtesy of Cycling Scotland)
Promoting cycling (Courtesy of Cycling Scotland)

Clearing up a landslide on the A83 (Courtesy of Scotland Transerv)
Clearing up a landslide on the A83 (Courtesy of Scotland Transerv)

Monklands Canal Festival
Monklands Canal Festival © Scottish Canals