Annual reporting

The Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 requires Transport Scotland to prepare an annual procurement report on our regulated procurement activity. Our last report was published in February 2024.

In accordance with Section 18(2) of the Act, the Annual Procurement Report includes:

  • A summary of the regulated procurements that have been completed during the year covered by the report.
  • A review of whether those procurements complied with our Procurement Strategy.
  • The extent to which any regulated procurements did not comply, and a statement detailing how we will ensure that future regulated procurements do comply.
  • A summary of any community benefit requirements imposed as part of regulated procurement that were fulfilled during the year covered by the report.
  • A summary of any steps taken to facilitate the involvement of supported businesses in regulated procurements during the report period.
  • A summary of regulated procurements expected to commence in the next two financial years.
  • Reporting on other matters contained in this procurement strategy.