Transport Scotland is the national transport agency for Scotland and performs a crucial role in the movement of people, essential goods and services. Procurement underpins much of the delivery of our priorities, as well as having a notable impact on Transport Scotland’s performance and success. Transport Scotland’s Procurement Strategy is revised annually in line with requirements of sections 15 to 21 of the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014.

Our Procurement Strategy 2022-2023 is underpinned by the recognition of the wider impact that procurement policy and practice has on achieving the Scottish Government’s Purpose, as it is set out in the National Performance Framework.  The commitments made in this Procurement Strategy support our vision for procurement:

To support the delivery of value for money, sustainable and innovative infrastructure and services in fulfilment of the Scottish Government’s ambition and vision for transport, and Transport Scotland’s corporate commitments through a strategic and systematic approach to procurement.”

The procurement of works, services and goods to support infrastructure investment enables the delivery of a sustainable, inclusive, safe and accessible transport system for the benefit of the people of Scotland.

Independent assessment through the Scottish Government’s Procurement and Commercial Improvement Programme has verified that Transport Scotland has a high level of procurement capability.  We continue to look at ways to build on this achievement by improving our performance, procuring in a sustainable manner, and encouraging innovation to achieve the maximum benefit from the Scottish Government’s investment in transport while promoting a just transition to net zero.  k

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant pressures on society and the transport network, and we are working with transport operators and our suppliers as we recover from the pandemic. Ensuring that our procurements support the development of our supply chain, provide opportunities for Fair Work, and drive the Scottish Government’s net zero agenda will be key to supporting that recovery, in line with the National Strategy for Economic Transformation.