Procurement governance

Procurement governance

Procurement is an integral part of the project delivery process in Transport Scotland and consequently this activity is not undertaken by a centralised procurement function, but instead carried out by staff with appropriate skills and expertise who are members of specific project teams with support being provided, where necessary, by a central procurement team.

The Scottish Procurement and Property Directorate of the Scottish Government controls the publication and dissemination of best practice, process and standards of procurement across the core Scottish Government and its Agencies, including Transport Scotland. The Scottish Government's Procurement Policy Manual sets out the requirement for Delegated Purchasing Authority (DPA) to be held by officials who are responsible for preparing contracts for goods, services and works.

Transport Scotland’s procurement governance hierarchy is shown below.

Our Chief Executive is the accountable officer who is responsible for the regularity, propriety and ensuring value for money of procurement activity within the agency.

The Chief Executive has appointed the Director of Purchasing to hold purchasing authority for all procurement relating to the management and operation of Transport Scotland.

The Director of Purchasing is supported by the Depute Director of Purchasing. The Director of Purchasing has been given authority to sub-delegate purchasing authority to DPA holders in individual project teams within Transport Scotland as considered appropriate.

DPA holders are empowered to prepare terms to contractually commit Transport Scotland to enter into a contract and agree changes to an existing contract affecting the financial or legal terms and conditions.  Levels of purchasing authority may vary depending on the role requirements and the type and value of contracts. We have clear policies and approval procedures in place to ensure separation of duties between DPA holders and staff who hold budget authority.

The Director of Purchasing meets biannually with the Director of Procurement and Property from the Scottish Government’s Scottish Procurement and Property Directorate to discuss procurement-related issues.

Procurement governance hierarchy

  1. Scottish Procurement & Property Directorate – Director of Procurement and Property
  2. Transport Scotland’s Chief Executive Officer
  3. Transport Scotland’s Director of Purchasing
  4. Transport Scotland’s Depute Director of Purchasing
  5. Transport Scotland’s Delegated Purchasing Authority Holders

Transport Scotland’s Procurement Team

Transport Scotland’s Procurement Team, led by the Director and Depute Director of Purchasing, perform a central role in key areas of procurement activity in the organisation by:

  • supporting the procurement of works, services and supplies with overall responsibility for managing the various stages of the procurement process from the development of the procurement strategy to contract award and implementation
  • seeking collaborative procurement opportunities for Transport Scotland
  • supporting continuous improvement in all areas of procurement practice, improving procurement capability and ensuring that procurement activity is conducted to the highest standard
  • working with the wider Scottish public sector procurement community to develop, share and promote best practice
  • preparing and communicating sources of guidance on procurement practice, including Transport Scotland’s Procurement Advice Notes
  • developing and maintaining close links with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders through liaison on matters of common interest, including engaging with suppliers to stimulate interest in Transport Scotland’s contract opportunities with the aim of achieving healthy competition and best value for money
  • promoting sustainability through Transport Scotland’s procurements to support Scotland’s National Transport Strategy 2 and its ambitious vision for our transport system for the next 20 years, including taking forward procurement actions to support the Scottish Government’s Climate Change Plan
  • supporting delivery of our infrastructure programmes and the procurement aspects of other activities and targets set out in the agency’s Corporate Plan
  • providing advice and support to delegated purchasing authority holders across Transport Scotland’s Directorates
  • participating in sharing knowledge and best practice through involvement with the Scottish Government’s Procurement Collaboration and Cluster Groups
  • establishing and maintaining internal procurement governance processes and records and overseeing compliance with Scottish Government procurement policy
  • identifying procurement training needs and organising training for delegated purchasing authority holders and those actively involved in procurement activities to ensure their knowledge and skills are fit for purpose