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Switched on Scotland: A roadmap to widespread adoption of plug in vehicles - Review

7 Nov 2016

A comprehensive strategy and a suite of actions to realise our ambitious vision of freeing Scotland’s towns, cities and communities from the damaging emissions of petrol and diesel-fuelled vehicles by 2050

Investigating the Requirement for Median Safety Barriers on Loop Ramps

1 Nov 2016

Desktop review of existing studies and literature relating to the safety impact of physical barrier provision on two-way loop connector roads, and the evidence behind advice given in Clause 5.27 of TD22/06.

Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2015 - Datasets

19 Oct 2016

Tables and charts from "Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2015"

Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2015

19 Oct 2016

A National Statistics publication for Scotland

ScotFLAG Urban Freight meeting minutes - 22 September 2016

22 Sep 2016

Minutes of ScotFLAG subgroup meetings to discuss specific issues

Going Further: Scotland’s Accessible Travel Framework

21 Sep 2016

A national vision and outcomes for accessible travel, new ways of working to include disabled people and a high-level action plan to tackle the issues already gathered

ScotFLAG meeting minutes - 15 September 2016

15 Sep 2016

Minutes of the meeting of the Scottish Freight and Logistics Advisory Group (ScotFLAG)

Review of the office and functions of the Scottish Road Works Commissioner

15 Sep 2016

How well the office meets its objectives and what, if any, changes might be made to support improved performance

ScotFLAG Last Mile Connections meeting minutes - 8 September 2016

8 Sep 2016

Minutes of ScotFLAG subgroup meetings to discuss specific issues

A92 Cadham-Balfarg Pedestrian Accessibility Assessment

2 Sep 2016

Looking at improvements which could be undertaken to improve pedestrian accessibility

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