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Public and Virtual Exhibitions - June/July 2024 - Aviemore to Carrbridge Non-Motorised User - Exhibition Panels

5 Jun 2024

These are materials from the public and virtual exhibitions for the Aviemore to Carrbridge Non-Motorised User route.

Scottish Road Users’ Awareness of Highway Code Rules Relating to Vulnerable Road Users

31 May 2024

This is an evaluation by Cycling Scotland which was supported through the Road Safety Framework Fund in 2023/24.

Key Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2023

29 May 2024

Provisional figures on injury road collisions and casualties by severity, casualties by type of road, casualties by mode of transport, and child casualties, including trends in recent years and progress towards the casualty reduction targets for the year 2030. Also figures by police force division and local authority.

Scottish Transport Statistics 2023

27 Mar 2024

Transport and Travel in Scotland 2022

28 Feb 2024

Published annually, this report includes Scottish Household Survey transport data, including results from the Travel Diary.

Community Street Audit Evaluation - Evaluating Sixteen Community Street and School Route Audits across Scotland - Final Road Safety Report

26 Feb 2024

The project independently reviewed sixteen street audits delivered by Living Streets Scotland since 2014. While there are sixteen projects included in the evaluation, six had two audits resulting in twenty-two Community street audits and School route audits.

Population and Household Location Choice Research

16 Feb 2024

A literature review and survey on how Physical Mobility and Digital Connectivity affect location decision for people and businesses.

Annual Procurement Report 2022-23

9 Feb 2024

The Annual Procurement Report 2023 provides a summary of our regulated procurement activity over the period 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023.

Guidance on Inclusive Design for Town Centres and Busy Streets

11 Jan 2024

This document aims to support inclusive design and engagement processes that deliver accessible town centre and busy street environments for everyone.

Disability Equality Scotland: Accessible Travel Framework: Evaluation Research Project Report

18 Dec 2023

Disability Equality Scotland were commissioned by Transport Scotland to conduct this review of the progress of the Accessible Travel Framework (ATF) published in 2016.

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