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Made Road and Compulsory Purchase Orders - A9/A96 Inshes to Smithton

20 Jun 2024

The Made Road Orders and Compulsory Purchase Orders were made on 14 May 2024 and came into force on 20 June 2024.

Scottish Road Users’ Awareness of Highway Code Rules Relating to Vulnerable Road Users

31 May 2024

This is an evaluation by Cycling Scotland which was supported through the Road Safety Framework Fund in 2023/24.

Key Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2023

29 May 2024

Provisional figures on injury road collisions and casualties by severity, casualties by type of road, casualties by mode of transport, and child casualties, including trends in recent years and progress towards the casualty reduction targets for the year 2030. Also figures by police force division and local authority.

The Performance of Road Surfacing in Scotland - Scottish Inspection Panel Report 2023

15 May 2024

The year-on-year Scottish Inspection Panel survey provides an assessment of new materials and maintenance techniques used on the trunk road network.

“There’s an app for that!” - Women’s Safety on Public Transport in Scotland

10 May 2024

This report arises from three-month internship building upon recommendations from our 2023 Women’s safety report.

Forth Bridges Forum - Meeting 50 - Minutes - 6 February 2024

8 May 2024

Forth Bridges Forum - Meeting 51 - Agenda - 23 April 2024

23 Apr 2024

Salt Group situation report

17 Apr 2024

The latest Salt Group situation report

Scottish Transport Statistics 2023

27 Mar 2024

HGV Decarbonisation - Pathway for Scotland - Zero Emission Truck Taskforce

19 Mar 2024

The HGV Decarbonisation Pathway for Scotland represents 18 months of hard work and learning from all involved in the Zero Emission Truck Taskforce.

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