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Population and Household Location Choice Research

16 Feb 2024

A literature review and survey on how Physical Mobility and Digital Connectivity affect location decision for people and businesses.

Task Force on LA Ferry Fleet Replacement - meeting with Orkney Islands Council (OIC) - minutes - 9 November 2023

12 Feb 2024

Task Force on LA Ferry Fleet Replacement - meeting with Shetland Islands Council (SIC) - minutes - 23 November 2023

12 Feb 2024

Annual Procurement Report 2022-23

9 Feb 2024

The Annual Procurement Report 2023 provides a summary of our regulated procurement activity over the period 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023.

Islands Connectivity Plan - Strategic Approach - Draft for public consultation

31 Jan 2024

This Strategic Paper is one part of the Islands Connectivity Plan and provides a strategic context to our approach to islands connectivity including ferries, aviation and fixed links. It also sets a Vision and four Priorities, each supported by Outcomes for the future of ferry services in Scotland.

Islands Connectivity Plan - Vessels and Ports Plan - Draft for consultation

31 Jan 2024

The Islands Connectivity Plan (ICP) will set out the Scottish Government's long-term objectives and policies for ensuring necessary and sustainable transport links for our islands. The Long-term Plan for Vessels and Ports is a key element of the ICP.

Guidance on Inclusive Design for Town Centres and Busy Streets

11 Jan 2024

This document aims to support inclusive design and engagement processes that deliver accessible town centre and busy street environments for everyone.

Disability Equality Scotland: Accessible Travel Framework: Evaluation Research Project Report

18 Dec 2023

Disability Equality Scotland were commissioned by Transport Scotland to conduct this review of the progress of the Accessible Travel Framework (ATF) published in 2016.

Smart Ferry Vouchers Equality Impact Assessment Results

18 Dec 2023

Transport Scotland, as part of its modernisation of concessionary ticketing programme, is introducing smart ferry vouchers to people in Orkney and Shetland who are national concessionary travel cardholders.

National Transport Strategy: Report to Parliament

8 Dec 2023

This report provides an overview of the continued commitment to the Strategy and, as detailed in the publication of our annual Delivery Plans, the actions being taken by the Scottish Government to deliver the vision and priorities for transport.

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