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Transport and Travel in Scotland 2022

28 Feb 2024

Published annually, this report includes Scottish Household Survey transport data, including results from the Travel Diary.

Population and Household Location Choice Research

16 Feb 2024

A literature review and survey on how Physical Mobility and Digital Connectivity affect location decision for people and businesses.

High level overview of the powers available to local transport authorities - Bus powers - Transport (Scotland) Act 2019

29 Jan 2024

An overview of the duties a local transport authority has to support bus services in the context of the powers within the Transport (Scotland) Act 2019, and the opportunities they offer along with other powers a local transport authority has at their disposal

Community Bus Fund - Equality Impact Assessment - Results

17 Jan 2024

This report provides an overview from the full EQIA and analysis and evaluation of the Implementation of part 3 of the Transport (Scotland) Act 2019 – Consultation on Bus services.

Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment (CRWIA) for the Community Bus Fund

17 Jan 2024

This draft document is an initial assessment of the impact of the Community Bus Fund.

Community Bus Fund - Fairer Duty Scotland Summary

17 Jan 2024

Fairer Duty Scotland Assessment for the Community Bus Fund.

Community Bus Fund - Island Communities Impact Assessment

17 Jan 2024

Island Communities Impact Assessment results for the Community Bus Fund.

Guidance on Inclusive Design for Town Centres and Busy Streets

11 Jan 2024

This document aims to support inclusive design and engagement processes that deliver accessible town centre and busy street environments for everyone.

Disability Equality Scotland: Accessible Travel Framework: Evaluation Research Project Report

18 Dec 2023

Disability Equality Scotland were commissioned by Transport Scotland to conduct this review of the progress of the Accessible Travel Framework (ATF) published in 2016.

Professional stakeholder feedback - Year 1 evaluation - Young Persons’ Free Bus Travel Scheme

14 Dec 2023

Year One Evaluation of the Young Persons' Free Bus Travel Scheme

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