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Consultation on Scotland’s Rail Infrastructure Strategy from 2019

17 Nov 2016

Gathering evidence to help inform the general approach taken to specifying and funding our priorities for railway infrastructure

Staff Survey 2016

16 Nov 2016

Our annual staff survey results for 2016

Scottish Road Works Register (Prescribed Fees) Amendment Regulations 2017

14 Nov 2016

We're consulting on the Scottish Road Works Register (Prescribed Fees) amendment Regulations 2017

How Scotland’s Transport Network Supports the Growth Sectors

10 Nov 2016

Transport Scotland commissioned research to investigate how the Growth Sectors use the transport network. This summary report presents the findings of 26 interviews with leading industry and transport organisations, and four in-depth company case studies from companies in the food and drink sector

Rail Franchise performance meeting minutes - 10 November 2016

10 Nov 2016

Regular meetings are held with Abellio ScotRail to discuss franchise performance and the minutes of these meetings are published

Exhibition materials - Nov 2016 - Pitlochry to Killiecrankie - A9 Dualling

9 Nov 2016

Following identification of the preferred route for the Pitlochry to Killiecrankie project, public exhibitions were held on 9 & 10 Nov 2016 in Pitlochry Town Hall

Switched on Scotland: A roadmap to widespread adoption of plug in vehicles - Review

7 Nov 2016

A comprehensive strategy and a suite of actions to realise our ambitious vision of freeing Scotland’s towns, cities and communities from the damaging emissions of petrol and diesel-fuelled vehicles by 2050

SQUIRE Q2 2016-17 percentage performance figures

4 Nov 2016

SQUIRE reports provide a general overview of rail performance for the year

Review of Active Travel Policy Implementation

2 Nov 2016

How can implementation of Scottish Government policies deliver higher levels of active travel?

Paid Invoices - October 2016

1 Nov 2016

Transport Scotland now publishes monthly reports showing all items of expenditure over £25,000

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