35 Publications from Forth Replacement Crossing

Forth Replacement Crossing: Noise and Vibration Policy Statement

9 Dec 2009

This policy statement sets out the approach the Promoter, the Scottish Ministers, intends to adopt to mitigate noise and vibration from the operation of the Forth Replacement Crossing which is proposed to be authorised by the Forth Crossing Bill

Forth Replacement Crossing: Code of Construction Practice

9 Dec 2009

This Code of Construction Practice sets out a series of objectives and measures to be applied throughout the construction period to manage and operate the construction works

Forth Replacement Crossing: Sustainability Appraisal and Carbon Management Report

9 Dec 2009

The proposed scheme will retain the existing Forth Road Bridge as a public transport corridor for use by buses, taxis and other specified users and for continued use by pedestrians and cyclists

Forth Replacement Crossing Environmental Statement Non Technical Summary

23 Nov 2009

A summary of the Environmental Statement

Forth Replacement Crossing: Environmental Statement

17 Nov 2009

The Forth Replacement Crossing is a major road project proposed by Transport Scotland, designed to safeguard this vital connection in Scotland’s transport network

DMRB Stage 3 Assessment Report - Forth Replacement Crossing

16 Nov 2009

Design manual for roads and bridges Stage 3 engineering report for the Forth Replacement Crossing

Forth Replacement Crossing Health Impact Assessment

12 Nov 2009

A report presenting an appraisal of the possible health effects of the proposed scheme

Forth Replacement Crossing: Guidance on the Parliamentary Process, Compulsory Purchase Process and Compensation

16 Jul 2009

Information and advice about the statutory procedures that the Scottish Ministers and Transport Scotland propose to follow for the compulsory purchase process for the Forth Replacement Crossing project

Forth Replacement Crossing: DMRB Stage 2 Corridor Report: Volume 1 (Main Report and Appendices)

16 Apr 2009

The first volume of the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges Stage 2 Corridor Report for the Forth Replacement Crossing, including the main report and appendices

Forth Replacement Crossing: Main Crossing (Bridge) Scheme Assessment Report Development of Options

14 Apr 2009

Report on the assessment of options for the outline design of the replacement crossing

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