30 Publications from Forth Replacement Crossing

Forth Replacement Crossing Health Impact Assessment

12 Nov 2009

A report presenting an appraisal of the possible health effects of the proposed scheme

A82 Crianlarich Bypass: Environmental Statement

24 Sep 2009

The proposal is for a western bypass that would leave the A82 near the southern edge of the town and rejoin the A82 immediately west of the village

Forth Replacement Crossing: Guidance on the Parliamentary Process, Compulsory Purchase Process and Compensation

16 Jul 2009

Information and advice about the statutory procedures that the Scottish Ministers and Transport Scotland propose to follow for the compulsory purchase process for the Forth Replacement Crossing project

Forth Replacement Crossing: DMRB Stage 2 Corridor Report: Volume 1 (Main Report and Appendices)

16 Apr 2009

The first volume of the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges Stage 2 Corridor Report for the Forth Replacement Crossing, including the main report and appendices

Forth Replacement Crossing: Main Crossing (Bridge) Scheme Assessment Report Development of Options

14 Apr 2009

Report on the assessment of options for the outline design of the replacement crossing

Forth Replacement Crossing: Forth Road Bridge Feasibility of Multi-modal Corridor

14 Apr 2009

Report on the feasibility of utilising the existing FRB for non motorised and public transport/light road traffic, incl for a potential future guided bus/tram/light rail facility

Forth Replacement Crossing: Main Crossing (Bridge) Scheme Assessment Report Development of D2M Alternatives

14 Apr 2009

Report on the assessment of options for a narrower replacement crossing to carry a dual carriageway road with hard shoulders

Forth Replacement Crossing: Managed Crossing Scheme: Scheme Definition Report

14 Apr 2009

Summarises the previous reports listed – ie the development work carried out during 2008. In addition, explains how this work and updated information from FETA on the existing FRB was used as the basis for developing the Managed Crossing Scheme announced

Forth Replacement Crossing: Route Corridor Options Review

14 Apr 2009

This report details the assessment work on nine mainline connecting road corridors identified: three in the northern and six in southern study areas. It recommended two northern and two southern corridor options be taken forward for further assessment

Forth Replacement Crossing Study: Report 1 - Assess Existing, and Forecast Future, Conditions of the Transport Network within the Vicinity of the Forth Road and Rail Bridges

14 Feb 2007

Assessment of existing and forecasted future conditions of the transport network within the corridors of Forth Road and Rail Bridges

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