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Trials of Brine Spreading Performance on Scotland’s Roads: Phase 3

27 Oct 2017

Phase 3 of study to carry out further trials to investigate the use of brine-only for snow treatmentsand various ‘blended’ liquids that are effective at preventing ice on carriageways.

Consultation on the Financial Accounting Arrangements for Regional Transport Partnerships

20 Oct 2017

This consultation seeks views on whether it is necessary to clarify the extent to which RTPs are able to retain a financial reserve. It also seeks views on whether any surplus or deficit carried forward from one financial year to the next should be subject to any limit. Finally, this consultation seeks views on what safeguards local authorities ought to have in limiting their contribution towards the expenses of a RTP.

Renewable Energy Generation and Distribution from Road Network Assets

2 Oct 2017

First phase of research is to develop a process for assessing the implementation of renewable proposals (energy generating devices) for use in Road Authority context in Scotland from inception to completion.

Consultation on Free Bus Travel for Older and Disabled People and Modern Apprentices

25 Aug 2017

The Consultation looks at options to ensure the longer term sustainability of the concessionary travel scheme

Estimate of the Impact on Emissions of a Reduction in Air Departure Tax in Scotland

16 Aug 2017

A procedure for justifying aggregate use based on in-service skid performance

1 Aug 2017

Study to establish a methodology to determine the in-service properties (skid-resistance) of locally sourced aggregate, thereby allowing the road maintenance community access to additional sources of materials from local Scottish quarries.

EME2 with Softer PEN Bitumen (Phase 2)

1 Aug 2017

Second phase of initial research into the potential use of softer pen EME2 materials on the Scottish road network. The study will take the outcomes of the initial laboratory testing work in order to develop design curves for pavement design.

High speed friction assessment of TS2010

3 Jul 2017

Study to carry out high-speed friction testing on a range of road surfacing used on the Scottish trunk road network.

SCANNER Research

3 Jul 2017

Collaborative research with UK Department for Transport and Consortium for Highway Condition Surveys (CHiCS) and led by Surrey County Council into three areas: Optimising the Consistency of SCANNER data; Review the appropriateness of SCANNER RCI Reporting and Review of SCANNER Condition Parameters.

Borders Railway Year 1 Evaluation

15 Jun 2017

A Stage 1 Evaluation of the re-opening of the Borders Railway

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