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Strategic Transport Projects Review Report 2: Determine Expectations, Gaps and Shortfalls

10 Dec 2008

The purpose of this report is to define the policy expectations and national objectives that provide the framework for determining the future required performance of the strategic networks; identify, based on the evidence from Report 1

Strategic Transport Projects Review Report 1: Review of Current and Future Network Performance

10 Dec 2008

The purpose of this report is to identify the national strategic transport network; define performance indicators across all modes of transport that can be used to measure current conditions and forecast future conditions; assess the existing performance

Strategic Transport Projects Review Environmental Report – Non Technical Summary

10 Dec 2008

Non Technical Summary of the Environmental Report for the Strategic Transport Projects Review

Opportunities for Offsetting Carbon Emissions on the Scottish Trunk Road Network: Overview Report

2 Mar 2007

This Overview Report reviews the background and the work carried out to learn from experience overseas with a view to setting a minimum standard for the planting of trees to act as carbon sinks beside new roads developments

Strategic Transport Projects Review Appx 1 to Model F Services Agreement

28 Sep 2006

This brief describes Transport Scotland requirements for the work. Prospective tenderers will be expected to take the brief fully into account in framing their tender submissions

Strategic Transport Projects Review Extract from Inception Report Introduction Extract from Inception Report Chapters 2 – 4 Authorisation

28 Sep 2006

This document is an extract from the consultant team's Inception Report outlining the team's approach to the Strategic Transport Projects Review as well as detailing the methodology for the review

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