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Guidance for the evaluation of rail projects

19 May 2015

Transport Scotland has developed rail evaluation guidance. This will help assess the extent to which investments in rail projects in Scotland have been a good use of public money, including whether their transport planning objectives have been met

Evaluation of Laurencekirk Railway Station

19 May 2015

A study to undertake an evaluation of the impact of the railway station

Airdrie-Bathgate Rail Link Improvement Stage 1 Outcome Evaluation Report

19 May 2015

This evaluation report provides an early assessment of the extent to which the project is on track to reach its objectives, through the examination of relevant monitoring data

Larkhall – Milngavie Railway Project Evaluation Study Final Report

19 May 2015

This report provides an evaluation of the Larkhall – Milngavie railway project and provides a recommendations for improvement of the draft Rail Evaluation Guidance

Clyde and Hebrides Ferry Services - Contract tender documentation

17 Feb 2015

A competition that will see a contract awarded at the end of May 2016 for the provision of the services from October 2016

Gourock-Dunoon Ferry Service: Feasibility Study - Technical notes

9 Sep 2014

These technical notes were work-in-progress and presented initial analysis which was subsequently revised in the light of new information and comments received

Full business case - July 2014 - Caledonian Sleeper

31 Jul 2014

Prepared by Atkins, Ernst & Young and Transport Scotland, this is a redacted version (with commercially confidential information redacted) suitable for publication

Gourock-Dunoon Ferry Service – Vessel Procurement

14 Jul 2014

This paper considers the options open to Ministers under the relevant EU legislation and guidelines

Market Engagement for the Gourock Dunoon Ferry Service

19 Jun 2014

Following the completion of the Feasibility Study, the Scottish Government have undertaken a market engagement exercise with potential operators, to inform the future policy and procurement options

Transport Scotland Section 70 return - 2013-14

18 Jun 2014

Ministers are required to report to Parliament on the expenditure incurred each year under section 70 of the Transport Scotland Act 2001

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