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A92 Cadham-Balfarg Pedestrian Accessibility Assessment

2 Sep 2016

Looking at improvements which could be undertaken to improve pedestrian accessibility

Consultation on seatbelt requirements for dedicated school transport - Analysis report

26 Aug 2016

Analysis report of the Scottish Government consultation to consider future legislation to make seat belts on dedicated school buses mandatory

Key Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2015

29 Jun 2016

Provisional statistics of reported injury road accidents (i.e. road accidents reported to the police in which one or more people were killed or injured) in Scotland in 2015.

Evaluation of Road Safety Scotland’s Early Years Resource June 2016

28 Jun 2016

Launched in 2010, Go Safe with Ziggy is Scotland’s main road safety programme for children in their early years

Traffic Monitoring Annual Report - 2014/15 - Forth Replacement Crossing

23 Jun 2016

The aim of this report is to present the traffic data collected throughout the monitoring period, to allow for key changes and trends to be identified

A9 Dualling Non-Motorised User (NMU) Access Strategy

27 May 2016

Formalising Transport Scotland’s position in relation to NMU access arrangements

Strategic Road Safety Plan 2016

23 Mar 2016

The Strategic Road Safety Plan sets out how Transport Scotland delivers road safety on the trunk road network

Departures from Standard - Advice and Procedures Guide

15 Mar 2016

The procedures to be followed by Design Organisations when seeking TS Standards Branch consideration of a DMRB and MCHW Departure from Standard affecting a trunk road or motorway

Locating Underground Drainage Apparatus

14 Mar 2016

This project seeks to review the existing technologies in this country and across the globe which are used to detect and survey underground drainage apparatus.

Post Adoption Statement - Tier 2 SEA Environmental Report - A96 Dualling Inverness to Aberdeen

26 Feb 2016

This statement is the last formal output of the SEA process for the Dualling Programme and outlines how the assessment findings and the comments received through the consultation process have been taken into account

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