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Smart Ticketing Delivery Strategy 2018

31 May 2018

Our smart ticketing delivery strategy has been refreshed following the recent consultation ‘the Future of Smart’ and on-going engagement with public transport operators, transport passenger focus groups and other public sector stakeholders

The Future Of Smart Ticketing In Scotland - Analysis of Responses to the Consultation

9 Mar 2018

This report analyses and summarises responses that were received through a Scottish Government consultation on the future of smart ticketing in Scotland

Transport Scotland Corporate Plan 2017–20

24 Nov 2017

The work that we'll be doing to set Scotland on the path to having a world-class and innovative transport network, building on our developing reputation for delivering truly transformational projects and programmes for the benefit of the economy and society

Annual report on Local Authorities’ functions: 2016-17 - Disabled Persons’ Parking Places (Scotland) Act 2009

27 Sep 2017

The Disabled Persons’ Parking Places (Scotland) Act 2009 places a duty on local authorities and the Scottish Ministers to publish annual performance reports

Consultation on Free Bus Travel for Older and Disabled People and Modern Apprentices

25 Aug 2017

The Consultation looks at options to ensure the longer term sustainability of the concessionary travel scheme

Transport Accessibility Summit 2015 Online Survey Results Summary

8 Jul 2015

The Transport Accessibility Summit held in Edinburgh in March 2015 provided an opportunity for transport service providers and central and local government policy colleagues to find out directly from disabled people how accessibility issues affected them. Transport Scotland commissioned Research Scotland to produce a report of the findings of the day. An on-line survey was also carried out by the Scottish Disability Equality Forum to get the views of disabled people who were unable to attend the summit. The survey summary sets out the main priorities identified

User Perceptions of the Summary Blue Badge Guidance

23 Jan 2015

This report presents findings from a series of focus groups carried out with adults living in Scotland who are eligible to take part in the Blue Badge parking scheme

Analysis of responses: Call for Evidence – Potential extension to eligibility criteria

10 Dec 2014

This report is the analysis of responses to the Call for Evidence, which was primarily aimed at health professionals and practitioners responsible for administering the blue badge scheme, in order to gather information on potentially extending the eligibility criteria to include people, who as a result of a diagnosed mental disorder, have little or no awareness of danger from traffic

Smart Ticketing Delivery Strategy 2012

1 Oct 2012

Bringing all interested parties up to a common level of understanding of smart ticketing, in non-technical language, and to stimulate interest, discussion and feedback as we aim for the longer term vision

Smart & Integrated Ticketing Report for Scotland

31 Mar 2011

This report sets out the findings of a review conducted by Transport Scotland and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC)

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