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Locating Underground Drainage Apparatus - In Search of Best Practice

14 Mar 2016

Study to investigate applications of recent advances in drainage detection and how these can help reduce the need for extensive excavations. The study will involve a literature review bringing together best practice from around the world before conducting trials in different environments.

Consultation on seatbelt requirements for dedicated school transport

11 Mar 2016

This consultation aims to solicit the views of people and stakeholders with an interest in the area of dedicated/contracted school transport, particularly those in local authorities responsible for education or transportation, bus companies, those involved in education, schools, parenting groups or parents themselves

Evaluation Of The Impact Of Ret On Colonsay Gigha And Islay

29 Feb 2016

Evaluation of Scottish Road Safety Week Pilot

25 Feb 2016

This report presents the findings of an evaluation to assess the possible impact the pilot might have had in realising the aims of SRSW and to provide evidence to help inform whether there may be value in developing SRSW as a regular initiative to support the co-ordination and delivery of road safety themed activity across Scotland’s delivery partnerships

Carbon Account for Transport No. 7: 2015 Edition

17 Dec 2015

This document provides an annual update of the Carbon Account for Transport, first published in August 2009

Recycled tyres in noise barriers

6 Nov 2015

Study to determine the potential for reductions in noise from major roads (trunk and local) through the use of a noise barrier system manufactured or constructed using tyre derived rubber materials (TDRM).

Rail freight strategy refresh

22 Oct 2015

Transport Scotland is consulting on a range of issues towards the development of a high level strategy on rail freight in Scotland

Review of Roadside Advertising

21 Oct 2015

The purpose of this research was to gage the feasibility of local roads raising income through permitting roadside advertising at appropriate locations.

Timber Transport Planning Tool

1 Oct 2015

A two-year study in collaboration with Scotland’s Timber Transport Groups to identify, develop and test a consistent methodology for the collection and collation of a national database of exit points where timber tonnages would join the public road network.

Changes to Bus Registration in Scotland: Analysis of Responses and Next Steps

31 Jul 2015

This paper summarises the responses to the consultation on changes to bus registration in Scotland and outlines how Transport Scotland intends to proceed in the light of them

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