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Road Accident Data Collection Form Design Research Project

14 May 2015

Transport Research Laboratory were commissioned by Transport Scotland to review the currently used versions of the STATS19 form by the legacy police forces in Scotland and produce a new form that incorporates recommendations for improvement that could be potentially rolled out nationally to help improve the quality of the personal injury road accident data collected in Scotland

Durability of White Thermoplastic Road Markings

20 Apr 2015

Research to look into durability of Thermoplastic Road Markings (TRM) in particular around durability issues in relation to the premature “wearing off” properties of the TRMs.

Research Into the Social and Economic Benefits of Community Transport in Scotland

31 Mar 2015

Transport Scotland commissioned this research study designed to identify the economic, social and health benefits generated by community transport in Scotland

Dealing with Tar Bound Arisings and Producing a Safe System of Work

20 Mar 2015

Desktop study to produce updated national guidance for all roads authorities and statutory undertakers on to deal safely and cost effectively with tar bound arisings.

Seatbelt and Mobile Phone Usage Survey Scotland, 2014

25 Feb 2015

This bulletin provides statistics on the proportion of drivers observed wearing seatbelts and using mobile phones whilst driving in Scotland from a roadside observation survey commissioned jointly by Transport Scotland and the Department for Transport

Carbon Account for Transport No. 6: 2014 Edition

18 Dec 2014

The sixth edition of the Carbon Account for Transport provides the annual detailed update on Scotland’s transport emissions performance up to 2012, and likely impact of new infrastructure projects on future emissions

Strategic Consultation on Works on Scottish Roads Analysis of Consultation Responses

14 Oct 2014

This report analyses and summarises responses that were received to the 'Strategic Consultation on Works on Scottish Roads' which was launched in April 2013

Concessionary Travel - Customer Feedback Research Year Two Report

15 Aug 2014

Tourist Signposting Research

14 Apr 2014

The purpose of this research was to respond to the questions/concerns raised by the Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism, as well as arrive at conclusions and recommendations based on the research carried out to improve tourist signposting in Scotland.

Carbon Account for Transport No. 5: 2013/14 Edition

10 Apr 2014

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