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Investigating the potential for reactive 'glowing' roads as an initiative on the Scottish road network

26 Mar 2014

Study to deliver a wide-based information-gathering report detailing the viability of the various strands of photo-luminescent technology and its potential application on the Scottish road network.

Social Research Handbook for Contractors

25 Jan 2014

The framework for engagement between Transport Scotland and contractors engaged in social research

Transport Research Summary: Review of Your Call

29 Nov 2013

Review Of Your Call Road Safety Resource

26 Nov 2013

The Costs and Challenges of Changing the Specifications for School Transport in Scotland

18 Oct 2013

Kerrera Ferry Service: Identification and assessment of long term options

19 Jul 2013

Research commissioned to identify and assess longer term options for ferry provision to Kerrera

Gourock-Dunoon Ferry Service: Feasibility Study of a Future Passenger and Vehicle Service with the Vehicle Portion being non-Subsidised

16 Jul 2013

MVA Consultancy in association with The Maritime Group (International) Limited was appointed by Transport Scotland in November 2012 to explore the feasibility a future passenger and vehicle service between Gourock and Dunoon town centres

Statistical Advice: Scottish Safety Camera

7 Jul 2013

This document provides an independent academic review of the statistical bulletin

Concessionary Travel: Customer Feedback Research - Year One Report

28 Jun 2013

Research Resource and ODS Consulting were commissioned by Transport Scotland to undertake customer research into the Concessionary Travel Card Scheme. The research involved a large scale telephone survey and a series of focus groups with people who had a range of different needs.

Prolific Illegal Driving Behaviour: A Qualitative Study

11 Apr 2013

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