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Transport Scotland Section 70 return - 2014-15

21 Aug 2015

Ministers are required to report to Parliament on the expenditure incurred each year under section 70 of the Transport Scotland Act 2001

Traffic Monitoring Annual Report - 2013/14 - Forth Replacement Crossing

25 May 2015

The aim of this report is to present the traffic data collected throughout the monitoring period, to allow for key changes and trends to be identified

Improving the evidence base on journey time reliability on the Trunk Road Network in Scotland

15 May 2015

The study looked at the concept of Journey Time Reliability and its valuation

Road Accident Data Collection Form Design Research Project

14 May 2015

Transport Research Laboratory were commissioned by Transport Scotland to review the currently used versions of the STATS19 form by the legacy police forces in Scotland and produce a new form that incorporates recommendations for improvement that could be potentially rolled out nationally to help improve the quality of the personal injury road accident data collected in Scotland

Road Safety Framework: Annual Report 2014

11 May 2015

The annual report for Scotland's Road Safety Framework

Tier 2 SEA Environmental Report - A96 Dualling Inverness to Aberdeen

6 May 2015

The second SEA Environmental Report detailing the outcome of the Tier 2 assessment was published for consultation on 11 May 2015 and closed on 22 June 2015

DMRB Stage 1 Assessment Report - A96 Dualling Inverness to Aberdeen

1 May 2015

Design Manual for Roads and Bridges Stage 1 Assessment for the initial development and assessment of broadly defined improvement strategies for the upgrade of the A96 to a Category 7A all-purpose dual carriageway.

Quarterly newsletter No. 1 - 2015 - AWPR

22 Apr 2015

A quarterly newsletter will be available via local libraries throughout the north east

M74 Completion Scheme: One Year After Opening Evaluation

26 Mar 2015

This report presents the one year after opening evaluation for the M74 Completion Scheme

Seatbelt and Mobile Phone Usage Survey Scotland, 2014

25 Feb 2015

This bulletin provides statistics on the proportion of drivers observed wearing seatbelts and using mobile phones whilst driving in Scotland from a roadside observation survey commissioned jointly by Transport Scotland and the Department for Transport

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