The M9/A9 Trunk Road (Trinafour Junction) (Temporary Prohibition of Specified Turns) Order 2017

The Scottish Ministers give notice that they have made the above Order under sections 2(1) and (2), 4(1) and 14(1)(a) and (4) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, temporarily prohibiting traffic on that length of the M9/A9 Edinburgh – Stirling – Thurso Trunk Road from a point 100 metres or thereby south of the ZC454 Dalnacardoch to Trinafour Road in a northwards direction to a point about 120 metres or thereby north of the said ZC454 Dalnacardoch to Trinafour Road, a distance of 220 metres or thereby from making the following turns:

  • All left turns from the northbound M9/A9 Trunk Road to the Dalnacardoch to Trinafour Road.
  • All left turns from the Dalnacardoch to Trinafour Road to the northbound M9/A9 Trunk Road.
  • All right turns from the southbound M9/A9 Trunk Road to the Dalnacardoch to Trinafour Road.
  • All right turns from the Dalnacardoch to Trinafour Road to the southbound M9/A9 Trunk Road.

The Order, which is required to facilitate resurfacing works on the northbound carriageway of that length of trunk road, will be in operation from 19th June 2017 until 1st July 2017 and will only have effect in relation to such part or parts of the length of road as is indicated by the appropriate traffic signs.  The Order does not apply to vehicles while being used in connection with the works or vehicles being used in an emergency for fire service, coastguard, ambulance or police purposes or to acts done with the permission or upon the direction of a police constable in uniform.

Alternative Routes

The alternative routes for traffic during the prohibition will be signposted. Detailed descriptions can also be obtained at BEAR Scotland Limited, BEAR House, Inveralmond Road, Inveralmond Industrial Estate, Perth, PH1 3TW.

For information about roadworks on motorways and trunk roads visit

A member of the staff of the Scottish Ministers
Transport Scotland
Buchanan House
58 Port Dundas Road
Glasgow G4 0HF

Start date 19 Jun 2017 End date 1 Jul 2017 Status Region Mode of transport