Protect Our Workforce campaign


As the national transport agency responsible for the maintenance and operation of the Scottish trunk road network, Transport Scotland (TS) stands shoulder-to-shoulder with industry partners in taking a zero tolerance stance on threats, abuse, violence and aggression shown towards anyone in the roads maintenance and construction industry.

In recent years, not only our trunk road maintenance contractors but also colleagues within TS, have reported a worrying increase in such incidents. These have included threats of violence, operatives requiring hospitalisation after being attacked, vehicles being driven at road workers and missiles being thrown at site staff.

TS is working with partners across the industry to highlight these issues to the general public, as part of a wider campaign on the Threats and Abuse of Road workers.

Our Position Statement

The safe and efficient operation of the Scottish trunk road network is key to supporting the nation’s economic prosperity.

TS and our contractors work diligently to deliver maintenance, safety and improvement works to help achieve this objective, thereby supporting communities and businesses on a local, regional, national and international level.

Road workers and support staff work around the clock to develop and implement these schemes but have reported an increasing frequency of incidents of abuse, threats and violence towards staff.

No-one should have to accept abuse or threats in the workplace. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and to return home safely from their work.

We will not accept or tolerate any violence, threat or aggression shown towards its employees. Any instances will be reported directly to Police Scotland.

We also fully support our roads maintenance organisations (operating companies and DBFOs) in adopting the same approach.

We are fully committed to ongoing, positive engagement with all parties and remain happy to meet with stakeholders across the country. Meeting organisers/hosts are asked to note the content of the position statement, and to help to ensure that the respect and safety of all meeting attendees is achieved as the primary concern.

Should this unacceptable behaviour be experienced in meetings, the meeting will be immediately brought to a halt, with incidences of aggression, violence and threat reported to Police Scotland.

Partners' Position Statements

  • AMEY (NMC SW and M8 DBFO)
  • AutoLink (M6/74 DBFO)
  • BEAR (4G NW, 4G NE, NMC SE & M80 DBFO)
  • Balfour Beatty (AWPR AND M77 DBFO)
  • PAG (Performance Audit Group)

View a PDF version of this position statement, signed by Hugh Gillies, Transport Scotland Director of Roads.