Equality matters

As an agency of the Scottish Government, Transport Scotland is responsible for ensuring that any policy decision about service delivery is made taking full account of all equality issues.

We are committed to tackling inequality and disadvantage, addressing issues concerning:

  • Race
  • Gender - details are contained in the Transport Scotland Gender Equality Scheme
  • Age
  • Sexual orientation
  • Faith or religious belief
  • Disability – details are contained in the Transport Scotland Disability Equality Scheme

Equality in all we do

Equality issues are taken into account in all of our areas of work. 

Find out more about access to the transport network for disabled people

Transport Scotland runs the national concessionary travel scheme which provides free bus travel throughout Scotland for many older and disabled people.

Work to improve the trunk road network for disabled people is covered by the Roads for All programme.

Engagement with others

Transport Scotland engages with a wide range of organisations on equality issues: