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Scotland's Low Emission Zones: Consultation on Regulations and Guidance

13 Dec 2019 / Closed

This consultation on Scotland’s Low Emission Zones: Consultation on Regulations and Guidance gives us an opportunity to seek your opinions on issues that underpin the operation and delivery of Low Emission Zones (LEZs), including the substantive issues of emission standards, exemptions and penalty charges.

SRWR (Prescribed Fees) Regulations 2020

25 Oct 2019 / Closed

As in previous years, we intend to create a new Scottish Statutory Instrument accounting for the target cost of operating the Scottish Road Works Register in the 2020-21 financial year. The intention is to revoke the 2019 instrument, and replace with a new instrument for 2020. This consultation seeks your views on making this change. Please also provide any relevant information you feel important for future exercises.

National Transport Strategy Consultation

31 Jul 2019 / Closed

The consultation is on the new draft National Transport Strategy (NTS) for Scotland, which aims to set out a compelling vision for the future of transport for the next twenty years.

Amendments to Scottish Road Works Regulations 2018

14 Dec 2018 / Closed

Minor amendments are need to both the Road Works (Qualifications of Operative and Supervisors (Scotland) Regulations 2017 and the Scottish Road Works Register (Prescribed Fees) Regulations 2017. This consultation seeks views on both proposed amendments.

Consultation on Transportation Noise Action Plan

5 Dec 2018 / Closed

This consultation applies to Scotland only and seeks the views of those individuals and / or organisations that hold an interest in noise pollution from roads and railways

Consultation on motorsports on closed public roads

3 Dec 2018 / Closed

Inviting views from interested parties on a proposal to extend a local authorities powers to include the closure of public roads for motorsports events

Consultation on the use of narrow trenching in Scotland’s roads

18 Oct 2018 / Closed

The Scottish Government is running this consultation to seek your views on which technical parameters should be applied to "narrow trenching" to help ensure this method is carried out consistently across all of Scotland’s 33 road authorities.

The Scottish Road Works Register (Prescribed Fees) (Amendment) Regulations 2017

24 Nov 2017 / Closed

This Amendment Regulation will change the overall fee figure used in the formula to calculate the proportion of the cost of providing the register to be paid by individual roads authorities and statutory undertakers

Local bus services in Scotland - Improving the framework for delivery

13 Sep 2017 / Closed

This consultation is your chance to have your say and influence the shape of the regulatory framework for bus

The future of smart ticketing in Scotland

13 Sep 2017 / Closed

This consultation seeks views on our proposed framework for nation-wide multi-modal smart ticketing

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