COVID-19 Analysis

Transport Scotland has been monitoring transport trends during the COVID-19 outbreak. This information provides a snapshot of travel across main modes. We use this information to inform Scottish Government policy in relation to both resilience and response. This information cannot be used to determine compliance with government guidance relating to non-essential travel in isolation. Police Scotland hold information in relation to penalty notices issued under emergency legislation.

These figures are prepared by Transport Scotland statisticians and compare actual journeys against our estimations of typical travel patterns. Figures are derived from a range of sources, including the Department for Transport National Travel Survey, data published in Scottish Transport Statistics, and data collected across the transport networks from a range of partners.

COVID-19 national transport trend data

COVID-19 Public attitudes survey data

COVID-19 Monitored automatic traffic counter data

COVID-19 sub-national reports

Supplementary Information

The supplementary information note provides further information on the coverage, data sources, data quality and methodology of the indicators reported on in the Transport Trend data, as well as links to further information about the data sources.