AWPR - 50mph Speed Restriction for A90 between Murcar and Ellon

From Monday 1 August 2016, the 50mph speed restriction currently in place in sections of the A90 north of Aberdeen will be extended to cover a wider area between the Murcar roundabout and the Ellon roundabout at Tipperty.

This extension of the speed restriction will enable road workers to progress construction safely.

An AWPR/B-T spokesperson said:

“Sections of the A90 between the Murcar and Ellon roundabouts are already subject to a 50mph speed restriction but this is now being extended. The change to the speed limit is necessary to ensure workers can construct the new road safely while road users continue to use the A90.

“We strongly advise road users to plan their routes before they set off on their journey. As with any changes of this kind, we recommend that all drivers using these routes apply more caution than usual to familiarise themselves with the new layout."

Average speed cameras are currently in operation on the A90 between Blackdog and Balmedie to enhance safety for construction workers and road users whilst the construction work is underway.

For further information on traffic management, visit the AWPR/B-T project page at

Published 28 Jul 2016 Tags