Low Emission Zones

The Scottish Government and Transport Scotland have a clear vision for Scotland’s air quality to be the best in Europe. However, air quality remains a public health issue in certain locations, and particularly for those existing respiratory and cardiovascular conditions.

The national LEZ website, launched in October 2018, hosts official information on low emission zones to support businesses and the public in preparing for their introduction.

The Programme for Government in 2017 committed to introducing Low Emission Zones (LEZs) into Scotland’s four biggest cities between 2018 and 2020, and then into all other Air Quality Management Areas by 2023 where the National Low Emission Framework (NLEF) appraisals show this is the correct mitigation.

Low emission zones set an environmental limit on certain road spaces, allowing access to only the cleanest vehicles and can help to transform towns and cities into cleaner, healthier places to live, work and visit. The development of these zones are one part of a range of actions that will help make our transport system cleaner, greener and healthier. 

Glasgow is the location of Scotland’s first low emission zone, introduced at the end of 2018. Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen are on course to implement low emission zones by 2020.

Find out more at www.lowemissionzones.scot.