MaaS Investment Fund - Mobility as a Service


The aim of the MaaS Investment Fund (MIF) is to test, in a practical application, the viability of MaaS in Scotland.

In its 2018 Programme for Government, the Scottish Government committed to a £2 million investment fund, over three years, to support the testing of the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) concept in Scotland.

A key MaaS concept is to provide people with easy, digital access to travel information so they can be better informed as to the different ways to undertake their journey. This includes solutions to gather personalised travel requirements into a single travel app, for example, or perhaps a service to allow unlimited access to multiple transport providers via a monthly user fee.

This supports the Scottish Government agenda for a healthier, more sustainable Scotland in that, through providing better and more comprehensive travel information, more people feel empowered to use alternative ways to travel, encouraging them out of cars and private car ownership, and so reducing carbon emissions.


MaaS Investment Fund criteria will identify applications that will deliver MaaS solutions that best fit Scottish Government agendas and selected thematic areas. 

Applications and ensuing project pilots must:

  • show a minimum viable product (MVP) MaaS service/solution that can be applied within the realm of Scotland’s public transport (traditional, active or emerging) travel networks;
  • be at a ready stage - the MVP should be in a competent state for progression, requiring minimal further development in order to be delivered within MIF timescales and maximise impact of the proposed pilot;
  • be ready for implementation and pilot launch by 31 March 2020;
  • provide evidenced based market / business research including expected impact(s);
  • outline risks and mitigations;
  • provide a commercial strategy, demonstrating a sustainable business model, expected growth and/or development potential;
  • be delivery focused, rather than pure research;
  • have an identified location for your project within Scotland;
  • address a challenge within the Scottish marketplace;
  • it is expected that a co-creation approach, or similar, will have been taken and all relevant stakeholder group(s) been engaged. The project must demonstrate how it can be applied in current Scottish market conditions
  • demonstrate that the proposed solution is compatible with, or working towards integration with, existing Scottish public transport smart technology infrastructure / specifications (e.g cEMV, mobile and ITSO).

Scotland’s public transport networks include all traditional modes, active travel options as well as future / emerging mobility modes such as electric or connected autonomous vehicles.



The MaaS Investment Fund (MIF) can be accessed by public, private and/or third sector organisations looking to undertake a MaaS pilot in Scotland.

Conditions of funding are:

  • This is a competitive fund and each project will be evaluated against the outlined criteria and weighted accordingly.
  • Successful applications achieving maximum points will be considered for up to 100% of their requested funding sought from the MIF.  Within the context of this fund ‘requested funding sought from MIF’ is defined as follows:
    - Total Projected Cost of MaaS Pilot
    - Less committed match funding from other sources
    - Less any revenue stream.
  • Unmatched funding proposals will only be considered in relation to third sector applications and successful applications will only attract a maximum contribution from the fund of £20,000.
  • Funding applications below £5,000 will not be considered for this fund.
  • In-kind contributions and pre-development product or service research expenditure will not be covered by this fund.
  • Limited product or service development in advance of testing/demonstration will be considered for funding where it can be shown that such developments are required to maximise impact of any pilot. These would include, but are not limited to, minor product evolutions to meet local requirements and limited user feedback/service design approaches to ensure maximum impact. Implementation, marketing and evaluation costs are also included.
  • It is anticipated that funding will be awarded on an accruals basis, i.e. bidders will receive funding on presentation of paid invoices and provision of evidence in support of staffing costs. To note Transport Scotland procurement process is payment within 10 days of receipt of invoices.
  • All Year 1 projects are to commence no later than 31 March 2020. 

It is intended that the £2 million MIF will be available for distribution over three financial years, from 2019/20. However, the Scottish Government reserves the right to close the fund if and when the MIF allocation is expended.

How to apply

Applicants are encouraged to read the updated Guidance Note and FAQ containing additional details before commencing their application.

Applicants must complete and submit the following documentation, using the templates provided, by 05 September 2019 (extended date). Supplementary information can be supplied, however, it will not be accepted in lieu of the following documentation:

  1. The Application Form providing general application details.
  2. A Business Case providing the case for your project and must demonstrate how you will address at least one from each of the core agendas, thematic areas, and MaaS requirements within the pilot project
  3. A Project Plan outlining indicative and pilot timelines.
  4. A Financial Plan outlining projected costs (updated 20 August 2019). 

Any applications that do not include the above completed core documents will not be progressed.

Stakeholder engagement

Transport Scotland has developed a working group with operators, experts and the MaaS Scotland organisation to support this commitment. The working group’s aims are to:

  • align with the Scottish Government’s wider intelligent mobility goals
  • liaise with key stakeholders across Scotland to develop MaaS challenges with measurable deliverables.

In order to shape the MaaS Investment Fund (MIF), consultation workshops were held in Glasgow and Perth in May and a pre-interest registration process concluded on 29 May to assist those potentially interested in applying to the MIF later this year.

In addition to the working group, stakeholder workshops and drop in sessions were held over March – May to help develop the fund with input from interested parties.