Scottish Youth Parliament encourages young people to have their say on National Transport Strategy

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The Scottish Youth Parliament is the latest organisation to have its say on the draft National Transport Strategy.

MSYPs have been debating the issues around our future transport system and are urging everyone to get involved.

Trustee of the Scottish Youth Parliament Liam Fowley said: 

"After consultation the Scottish Youth Parliament chose climate change as its national campaign.  That’s why it was important to have our voices heard in that respect.

"It really does mean a lot to young people because it’s the country we are going to grow up in."

The MSYPs also looked at how transport can promote equality, help the economy prosper and improve health and well-being.

They said local services have a big part to play. 

Caitie Dundas, Trustee of the Scottish Youth Parliament, said: 

"The transport system is so important to young people in rural areas like the Highlands because it provides a way of getting to and from school, work and social activities and it is essential that it functions efficiently."

There is still time to have your say on the strategy and the message is to get involved.

Aaran McDonald, Convener of the SYP Transport and Rural Affairs Committee said: "It’s really important that young people take part in the National Transport Strategy consultation as they are one of the major users of transport. 

Public transport should work for them and we need to make sure that their voices are heard in this process."

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