Strategic Transport Projects Review 2


In 2019, Transport Scotland, the national transport agency of the Scottish Government, commenced the second Strategic Transport Projects Review, the first review having been published in 2008. It will help deliver the vision, priorities and outcomes that are set out in the second National Transport Strategy (NTS2).

This review of the strategic transport network’s performance will inform transport investment in Scotland for the next 20 years (2022-2042) by providing evidence-based recommendations on which Scottish Ministers can base future transport investment decisions.  

STPR2 considers the transport needs of Scotland’s people and communities, and examines active travel (walking, wheeling, cycling), bus, ferry, rail and motorways and trunk roads as well as passenger and freight access to major ports and airports. These needs are reviewed from national and regional perspectives to reflect their different geographies, travel patterns and demands.  

STPR2 provides an overview of transport investment, mainly infrastructure and other behavioural change recommendations, that are required to deliver the National Transport Strategy priorities and objectives of the Review.  

The outcomes from STPR2 will:

  • help make Scotland more accessible for residents, visitors and businesses
  • create better connectivity with sustainable, smart and cleaner transport options
  • highlight the vital contribution that transport investment can play in enabling and sustaining Scotland’s economic growth.

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STPR2 Consultation

A statutory consultation period of 12 weeks providing stakeholders, and members of the public, with the opportunity to comment, ran until 15 April 2022. The consultation is now closed.  We will be analysing and evaluating all feedback from this consultation and will work towards publishing the final STPR2 Report and the basis for development of the Delivery Plan in Autumn 2022.

Please check the ‘We Asked, You Said, We Did’ section of Citizen Space or the STPR2 Transport Scotland pages, where we will report on the outcomes from the consultation.

You can read all the published draft STPR2 reports below:

Draft STPR2 reports

Summary Report, Draft Technical Report and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Equalities & Statutory Impact Assessments