Strategic Transport Projects Review 2

The second Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR2) will inform transport investment in Scotland for the next 20 years. STPR2 will help to deliver the vision, priorities and outcomes for transport set out in the draft National Transport Strategy (NTS2).

Live survey

As part of STPR2, we're currently conducting a survey, running until Friday 10 January 2020. It's designed to gain the views of the Scottish public, organisations and businesses on strategic transport related problems and opportunities as well as potential investment options.

Review and outcomes

The STPR2 review will be delivered in the lifetime of the current Parliament (2021), replacing the first STPR published in 2009.

The outcomes from STPR2 will:

  • help make Scotland more accessible for residents, visitors and businesses
  • create better connectivity with sustainable, smart and cleaner transport options
  • highlight the vital contribution that transport investment can play in enabling and sustaining Scotland’s economic growth.

Further Information

The review will give Scottish Ministers a programme of potential transport investment opportunities for the period 2022-2042 and inform the next Infrastructure Investment Plan. A final draft STPR2 Report will be consulted on in early 2021 alongside the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

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Public and Stakeholder Engagement

Effective collaboration with stakeholders and the public is vital to STPR2 , and we’re engaging at a national and regional level.

Regional Transport Working Groups (RTWGs), have been established across Scotland with local authorities and Regional Transport Partnerships (RTPs) to support and guide the review in their respective areas. RTWGs feature representatives covering a variety of remits, including planning and economic development.

The RTWGs are complemented by a comprehensive programme of stakeholder and public engagement activities building on the engagement work undertaken for NTS2. Regional workshops have brought together transport users, business, equality and other representative groups to provide their input on problems and opportunities. A second round of regional engagement is focussing on potential interventions and investment opportunities. National workshops have considered all modes of transport as well as engaging with key business sectors and organisations involved with environmental and equality agendas.

We will be running an online survey to capture the views of the wider public, community councils and organisations with an interest in transport. Similar surveys have already been completed in three earlier Pre-Appraisal studies in the South West, the Scottish Borders and Aberdeen City Region, covering these questions and are therefore not covered in this survey.


STPR2 is a Scotland-wide review of the strategic transport network across all transport modes, including walking, wheeling, cycling, bus, rail and car, as well as reviewing wider island and rural connectivity.

It's being undertaken in line with the Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) to provide an evidence based appraisal of different transport options.

The review will embed the Sustainable Travel Hierarchy, set out in the National Transport Strategy 2 (NTS2), This promotes walking, wheeling, cycling, public transport and shared transport options in preference to individual use of a private car.

Options will not solely consider new infrastructure but will be taken forward using the Sustainable Investment Hierarchy also set out in NTS2. This looks at how best to reduce the need for travel by unsustainable modes, how to better maintain and safely operate existing assets and make best use of existing capacity before considering whether any new, targeted infrastructure needs to be built.

STPR2 is embedded in a wider policy context, which is very different to when the first STPR was undertaken 10 years ago. In addition to NTS2, which sets the strategic vision and outcomes for transport over the next 20 years, STPR2 will also consider other parallel policies and related programmes and commitments including:

Regional Transport Strategies (RTSs) developed by Regional Transport Partnerships (RTPs).

The National Planning Framework (NPF4)which provides the key linkage between transport and land use planning.

A number of equality and environmental statutory impact assessments will be undertaken in parallel with STPR2 covering: