Bus Services and the Transport (Scotland) Bill

We want to provide local authorities with a viable and flexible set of options to help ensure that bus services in their area meet local users’ needs, ensuring that there are sustainable bus networks across Scotland.

As well as updating the powers available to local authorities, the Transport (Scotland) Bill will also improve the information available to passengers and local authorities, helping make bus travel a more attractive option.

Key provisions include:

  • New Bus Service Improvement Partnerships
  • New Local Franchising
  • New/extended powers for local transport authorities to provide bus services to meet social needs
  • Powers to require bus operators to make more information available to the public on services, including routes, timetables and fares
  • Powers to require operators withdrawing services to provide more information to local transport authorities

Want to learn more?

We ran a series of consultations to help develop the Transport Bill. You can look back at the Local Bus Services in Scotland – Improving the Framework for Delivery consultation and read our analysis.

You can also read more about Transport Scotland’s role in supporting bus services.

For more information see the Policy Memorandum on the Scottish Parliament website.