Parking and the Transport (Scotland) Bill

The Transport (Scotland) Bill will introduce a national ban on pavement and double parking to make it easier for local authorities to ensure our pavements and roads safer and more accessible to all.

Key provisions include:

  • Providing local authorities with powers to enforce the national ban
  • The ability for local authorities to promote exemptions from the national ban, but they will be required to meet strict criteria
  • The Bill provides exceptions to certain vehicles if they are involved in emergencies or delivering goods
  • Detailed standards and guidance will be produced for local authorities to deliver a consistent approach in how they enforce the new parking restrictions
  • Providing local authorities with powers to share services with other councils to enforce the new restrictions
  • Requiring local authorities to keep accounts in relation to the money they receive from the enforcement of the new restrictions

Want to learn more?

We ran a series of consultations to help develop the Transport Bill. You can look back at the Improving Parking in Scotland consultation as well as read the responses and our analysis.

You might also like to read more about Decriminalised Parking Enforcement (DPE) and where it operates in Scotland. If you’re a local authority, guidance on DPE is also available.

For more information see the Policy Memorandum on the Scottish Parliament website.