Smart Ticketing and the Transport (Scotland) Bill

We want to make it easier to get around Scotland by public transport, and make it simpler to travel across our connecting networks. The Transport (Scotland) Bill will strengthen compatible smart ticketing technology across operators and modes, and set in place an advisory body to best support Scotland-wide smart ticketing between operators and transport type.

Key provisions include:

  • Extending existing ticketing arrangements and schemes to include connecting services
  • Giving Scottish Ministers the power to set a national technological standard for smart ticketing
  • Setting up the National Smart Ticketing Advisory Board
  • Provide a guide for a consistent approach for smart ticketing arrangements and schemes, and clearer processes for them
  • The requirement for local transport authorities to produce annual reports on ticketing arrangements and schemes to evaluate and adapt for best practices
  • Giving Scottish Ministers the power to direct a local transport authority to make or vary a ticketing scheme

Want to learn more?

We ran a series of consultations to help develop the Transport Bill. You can look back at the Future of Smart Ticketing in Scotland consultation as well as reading our analysis.

Whether you are a public transport user or transport operator, our recently updated smart ticketing delivery strategy explains more about our vision for smarter travel.

For more information see the Policy Memorandum on the Scottish Parliament website.