Average Speed Cameras at Stonehaven and Charleston decommissioned

The temporary average speed cameras on the A90 at Stonehaven and Charleston, which have helped to enhance the safety of construction workers and road users while construction works progressed, have been decommissioned.


The temporary average speed camera system between Blackdog and Balmedie will remain, along with the permanent average speed camera system on the A90 between Dundee and Stonehaven.

The 50mph speed restriction on the A90 has also been removed.

Although the average speed cameras will no longer be in operation, the contractor will be undertaking further works on the A90 utilising short-term, task-based restrictions. Road users should therefore continue to observe all signage and drive carefully to ensure the safety of workers, the safety of other road users and their own safety. Police Scotland will continue to monitor the speed of road users in this area using mobile enforcement units.

Published date 8 May 2018 Projects Mode of transport