Bridging the gap for the Maybole Bypass

Beam being lifted by large crane at the works for the A77 Maybole BypassThe A77 Maybole Bypass project achieved a significant milestone on Friday 23rd July, as Contractor Wills Bros Civil Engineering completed the beam installation of the third, and final, bridge on the project.

A complex and technical operation was undertaken to install the beams for the final structure at Kirklandhill Path early on Friday morning.  Each beam measuring 30 metres in length and weighing 63 tonnes – were carefully lifted and placed into position with skill and precision.

Beam lifts complete and in place, ready to form a bridge at the A77 Maybole Bypass

Last year the structures at Alloway Road and Gardenrose Path were installed and this recent work at Kirklandhill Path completes the beam installation of the structures on the Bypass. A number of activities such as drainage, waterproofing, surfacing and parapet barrier installation are now underway to complete the bridge deck.

Steady progress on the project continues to be made including work continuing on the three roundabouts and ongoing drainage and pavement works. Completion of the project is anticipated in Winter 2021 subject to any unforeseen circumstances such as adverse weather.

Gavin Dyet, Project Sponsor for Transport Scotland, said:

I welcome the beam installation on Kirklandhill Path, which marks a significant stage in the construction of the A77 Maybole Bypass, as the final structure progresses towards completion.

These challenging feats of engineering offer a visible reminder to road users and the local community of the benefits the project will deliver upon completion, bringing much needed relief for the Maybole community as well as improving journey times for long distance road users.”

Published date 29 Jul 2021 Projects Mode of transport