Project Benefits

Completion of the Dalry Bypass will encourage improved economic and employment opportunities through better journey time reliability for motorists and businesses along the length of the A737. In addition, the Dalry Bypass will help separate local from strategic traffic and lead to improved safety for both rural road users and communities.

Impact during construction

Engaging with local communities is at the heart of all of Transport Scotland’s major construction projects and will continue to be vital as work progresses on constructing the A737 Dalry Bypass.

The Contractor has a dedicated Community Liaison Officer (CLO) who is committed to keeping the local community informed as the project progresses.

Please contact the CLO for any enquiries relating to the construction of this project:

Angela Newlands
Community Liaison Officer
Telephone 02890 394089

Traffic management

The A737 Dalry Bypass is now open to all traffic.

With traffic transferred on to the new bypass, work will be carried out to construct the connecting road between the existing A737 and the new roundabout at Highfield.

Access to and from Dalry town centre will be via Hillend roundabout.

Residents at Highfield cottages will access the bypass via a new temporary junction with access to Dalry via Hillend roundabout.

Working hours

The working hours on-site are Monday to Saturday from 7am to 7pm. There may, on occasion, be a need for work to be carried out on Sundays.

Environmental impact

An environmental impact assessment was undertaken and the Environmental statement was published along with the draft Statutory Order material.

Preferred route option public exhibition

Transport Scotland held a public exhibition on Friday 22 June 2012 at Dalry Public Library, 14 The Cross, Dalry Ayrshire, KA24 5AW to present the preferred route alignment and receive comments on the proposals.

Community engagement

Drop-in Sessions

Contractor, Farrans Roadbridge Joint Venture held drop in sessions to update on the progress of the Dalry Bypass project with site staff available to answer questions.

  • The evening drop-in event was held at the Rosearden Hall, Dalry between 6pm and 8pm on Wednesday 25 April
  • An afternoon drop-in event was held at Dalry Library, Dalry between 2pm and 4pm on Tuesday 24 April

Document library

Draft Orders and Environmental Statement

Environmental Statement and Non-Technical Summary

1. Figures
2. Appendices

Public Local Inquiry

The Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) held a Public Local Inquiry into the A737 Dalry Bypass proposals at Romeo and Juliet Inn, Dalry in December 2014. Further details of the Public Local Inquiry can be found on the DPEA website.

Made Orders

Environmental Statement - Decision to Proceed
The A737/A738 Trunk Road (Dalry Byapss) (Trunk and Detrunking) Order 2015
The A737/A738 Trunk Road (Dalry Bypass) (Side Roads) Order 2015
The A737/A738 Trunk Road (Dalry Bypass) Compulsary Purchase Order 2015